Hello from a small content creator!


Looking forward to the open platform change! As a small content creator I have been…“unfavorable rewarded” by YouTube by being kicked out of the the partner program not to mention YouTube’s anti-gun stance. It’ll be nice to have a platform that truly supports free speech.

Thank you!

Full30 Becoming an Open Platform

Welcome to the forum. Big or small, we love them all here.

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Welcome! We’re glag to have you here! have a look around and chat with some others I’m sure you’re going to have a good time and like it here


Welcome to Full30! We are thrilled to have you here and look forward to seeing what you have to share with us! Thanks so much for joining our fight for 2a rights,and please let us know how we can help with your fight too.


Welcome to the forum.


Thanks everyone! Sorry I did this backwards but I was SO happy to hear Full30 is going open platform that I posted there before I did my introduction. So now that a mod moved my post over here, I guess I should really introduce myself:
On YouTube, my user name/channel name is fsfazekas
I am certainly an amateur, just an average guy sharing what he’s doing…
I’m mostly a pistol guy but being located in central NY, I have built an AR post unSAFE Act just to prove it can be done - and to ensure that the only real result of that law is the fact that there is now one more AR in NY :slight_smile:
In addition to the many pistols - both semi auto and revolvers - that I own, I enjoy shooting the aforementioned AR a few .22 rifles, a couple 12ga shotguns and my most recent firearm a Rossi lever gun in 45 colt.
I am an NRA certified instructor in basic pistol and I’m working to put together a handgun safety class for pistol permit applicants in my county here in NY. No matter what I get involved with, I feel a need to “give back”.
I am proud to live only 11 miles from the Remington factory in Ilion, NY.
I’m returning to video production after a long break…life really threw me for a loop in the last year and just setting things straight…
I’ve reserved the channel name Fun With Firearms here and may change the YouTube channel as well…we’ll just see how things go over there…
It’s great to be here!



We all had to start out at the same place. Youtube deleted my channel a few months back, lost 8300 subscribers and an income of about $100 a month.

Full30 has plans for going open platform, but there’s no set date on this, don’t expect it to be any time soon. Some of us set up on UGEtube, They are not running ads right now so no income, but been told ads should be running soon. https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/@tactical_reviews As for a Full30 channel, a few of us who got involve here on the forum was rewarded with a channel. https://www.full30.com/channels/tacticalreviews I for one have looked at just about every video platform out there now. Most aren’t worth the time.


Welcome! I feel your pain as well being a small content creator as well.


Just subscribed to your channel on the “other place that no one likes to mention” Nice story on your channel intro.


Welcome to the community! We’re happy to have you here.




Welcome, fsfazekas.

Hope you enjoy your time with Full30 forum. A lot of friendly people here.


Welcome. Be sure to bring your buddies.