Hello from another CA freedom fighter


Been in CA since 1962. Old enough to remember a gun friendly conservative state with good schools, good roads and good jobs. My wife and I didn’t have a lot of time or money for shooting while raising 5 kids. But, now we’re making up for lost time.

CA really isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Just kidding, it really is that bad. Too many friends and businesses have left over the years. We chose to stay and fight. We’re both firearms instructors, (she’s the best) specializing in teaching new women shooters.

Never met a shooting game or gun we didn’t like (except a Bersa thunder 380 and a lightweight Taurus Judge).


Welcome to Full30, dustystorm1897.

Good luck on your continued fight for gun rights in CA.

Hope you enjoy it here.


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Welcome to the forum, fellow Californian.
I keep hearing and reading about CA being a solid conservative state and it is almost unbelievable seeing what it has become.

Let’s hope that people are slowly waking up to the reality of the situation and that maybe, just maybe, we can bring the state to its former glory. Or at the very least stop further nonsense


We come aboard. Keep up the good fight over there!!


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Welcome to Full30! We are thrilled to have you here and look forward to seeing what you have to share with us! Thanks so much for joining our fight for 2a rights,and please let us know how we can help with your fight too.


Welcome @dustystorm1897
Great to have you here at Full 30!!




Welcome to Full30 forum @dustystorm1897 Good to have you here. Hopefully we can start to turn back the damage done in your state.

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Welcome to Full30 from a fellow Californian! Glad you found us.




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welcome to full30!


Welcome from another new guy!