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New on here, trying to figure out your formats. I don’t own a gun yet, looking into states gun laws etc. Thought this would be a good place for gun info for an old granny with arthritic hands. God bless.


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Welcome to the Full30 forum. You mentioned arthritis in your hands, if that is the case I highly recommend a good wheel gun. Racking the slide on a semi auto can be rough for people with hand issues.


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IDK we were doing recommendations

in that case I recommend colloidal gold and turmeric, cause arthritis is a bitch


We are discussing firearms, control your ADHD :laughing:


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Another good gun to look into for someone arthritis is the Smith and Wesson EZ.




Welcome to Full30 forum @CorasCorner Good to have you here. My advice is to not listen to people who say get this gun because it’s what I carry. My advice is go to a range that rents guns and talk to them. Hold each gun in your hands and look for comfort. Smaller hands do better with revolvers due to smaller grips. How the gun fits your hand is important. If the fit is wrong even a little, you will never be able to use the firearm effectively.

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Welcome to Full30! Glad to have you here.


Welcome to the forum! I hope we can help you with any and all information you want.






Welcome to FULL30, glad to have you here.


Welcome to the forum. I would second the recommendation for a good revolver. A semiauto pistol is not good for aching hands.


Welcome! Glad to have you here & God bless!



Welcome to the Full30 Forum. We have a lot of knowledgeable people here.

Sorry you are having to deal with arthritis. But, for a possible gun choice, you may want to look into one of the new Colt revolvers. Very simple to operate and maintain, and the trigger pull is fairly light for their being revolvers. Their Night Cobra Revolver has a short (2 inch) barrel and comes in .38 Special. It holds 6 shots.


Welcome glad you’re here


Thank you very much.