Hello from Dark Corner Gunworks’ CFO


Greetings from Dark Corner Gunworks’ CFO, Zee! I’m excited to start this Full30 adventure!

Long live the reigning Hide and Seek Champ, Sasquatch!



All aboard!


Welcome to Full30 forum @TacticoolSasquatch1776 Good to have you here. If there’s anything I can do for you, please feel free to contact me.

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Welcome @TacticoolSasquatch1776
Great to have you here!!


Thank you!:handshake:


She sure does love the CFO title. Lol :heavy_dollar_sign::pen::paperclips::currency_exchange::credit_card::moneybag::glock:


That, I do! :heavy_plus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_division_sign::heavy_multiplication_x::moneybag:




Welcome Cool Firearms Owner! (That is what CFO is right?)


Welcome to the forum Brother.


Welcome to the forum Brother!!!


I think it’s welcome to the forum Sister :wink:


That would be correct. :wink:


Welcome to the forum.




Welcome to Full30! Glad you joined us!




HA! They think you’re a dude. Like Michelle Obama. :eggplant::eggplant::eggplant:


Definitely not a dude…but, you already know that @DarkCornerGunworks :wink:


Glad you joined us on the Forum!