Hello from dreaded Massachusetts


I suppose introductions are a thing. I’m Liberty Doll, and I make YouTube videos, and was born in raised in horrible MA. Hoping to transplant to SC by the end of next year, fingers crossed. Looking for lower taxes, more guns, warmer weather, and sweet disc golf. :joy:

Here we basically have five guns we’re allowed to choose from for CC off of a secret list and all my rifles are illegal after AG Maura Healey decided they were and banned everything over night two? summers ago.

That about sums it up.

Hooray for tyranny!


Welcome to Full30 forum @LibertyDoll Good to have you here. Was a pleasure talking to you last night on twitter.

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Welcome @LibertyDoll
Great to have you here!!!


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to Full30! Great to have you here. Another girl, yay!



I like your video style, love your smile and professional delivery! Keep up the great works!


Welcome to you.
Sorry about your present situation; hope you can correct it soon.
It’s now hard to imagine the importance of Mass during the Revolution.
Especially considering how Mass turned out.
For all intends it might as well as remained British.
For shame.


Welcome - have always loved your content.






Welcome to the forum!


Yes, hooray for 2A ladies! haha


Welcome, from Wisconsin.




Welcome to Full30, LibertyDoll.

Hope you make it to SC asap.


Me too. Tentative plan is next October. I am crossing my fingers and counting the days.



Well, best of luck to you!