Hello from FL


Hello all,
New member here Just wanted to say hello and a little background on myself.
I’m retired now so that gives me more of a chance to go to the range I’m a member of. It’s the local LE range and is conveniently located 10 mins from my house!
I do lots of reloading, Swagging, casting and powder coating as well as barrel swapping on my Savage actions.
One day I want to go to a range not far from here that has a 1200+yrds range to try 1000yrds. Been on my bucket list for awhile.
Anyway enough of my long winded self!



Thank you for the intro and



Welcome friend.


Welcome to Full30 forum @fla9_40 Good to have you here. Thanks for reminding me, I have 500 9mm bullets in the oven that I powder coated yesterday. I think they’re done.

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Welcome @fla9_40
Great to have you here!




Welcome to the forum Brother!


@fla9_40 Welcome!! With the 1000+ range on your bucket list, what is the longest distance you have shot? I too would love try & attempt a few shots at that distance.




Welcome, also from Florida!


Welcome to Full30, fla9_40, from another Floridian.

Hope you enjoy it here.