Hello From Florida


Hello all, I am JD from London England AKA “Ablokestwocents”. I am now a proud American with a passion for the second amendment and avid gun enthusiasts. I found this website from a friend on YouTube, I am also a new Youtuber but notice their policies for new YouTuber are extremely hard and a pain in the arse too. My intent is to make some lasting friends, grow in the firearm community, and share my journey via video without being ridiculed (experience from other forums). The website Full 30 seems like a great idea for this concept…Cheers!!



Finally someone else with some honour beyound redemption


Hello srdiver, cheers !!..looking forward to this website and making new mates (friends) :smile:


Welcome to Full30 forum @Ablokestwocents Good to have you here. Always good to see gun loving people from across the pond. I get so many of the other verity on my Twitter page. Be sure to check out the list of member channels from the link below. Give them a follow and help spread the word. Other than that, jump right in to any conversation or start your own.

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Welcome to full30.


Cheers !


Hello, yes I would like to upload my videos…cheers in advance:grinning:


Welcome @Ablokestwocents
Great go have you here with us !!


Cheers, great to be apart of this relatively new community…:grinning:


Just wanted to put this out there…it was only yesterday that I was sitting in my home and thinking about building a community of non biases gun enthusiasts and video educational content sharing website ( without scrutiny). I was devising a plan to build one ( had no idea how to) but I’m thrilled that this platform is up and running, thanks all for doing this!!


This is the place to be! We have lots of great, like minded , knowledgable folks here. We look forward to your friendship, knowledge & contributions as well.


Welcome to the Forum! Stick around. You’ll like it here.


Welcome to the forum and welcome to USA! Glad to have you here. You’re already learning the language.:wink:


Thanks, very welcoming here…cheers!!


Haha, the language was a breeze…:grinning:



there will be ridicule…and blame…lots of blame

in fact, every damn round-about in this country is your fault, and, why would you drive on the wrong side of the road and not expect ridicule?

There will be pauses however between the beatings…





Welcome @Ablokestwocents! Glad you joined here!


Welcome to the forum


Thanks ArmedEyeDoc…glad to be apart of this, looks very promising…:smile: