Hello from Full32


I am full32. Yes I own a Daniel Defense M4. I have posted a few times without an introduction. Please forgive my social blunder. I am older than dirt so I can always claim a senior moment. I found this site from a video on youtube of which I no longer patronize. I like this site & shall continue to visit.

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Welcome aboard.


Welcome to Full30!



Ahem full32. Ha ha…like the hickock45 oldman


Welcome. Not old just really experienced at life lol


Welcome to Full30 @full32 Good to have you here. Nothing wrong with old, I’m old, and broken, can hardly walk, but I can still shoot.

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Welcome to the community! We’re glad to have you.


Welcome full32!


Welcome to Full30! Pull up and have a seat.


Welcome to Full30!


They say that 68 is the new 58.