Hello from Gun Stock Reviews


Hello Friends,

My name is Yamil Sued and I’m the guy in front of the Camera for Gun Stock Reviews.

I’m a Still Photographer and I write for Gun Digest, I have also written in the past for Combat Handguns and the Japanese Magazine Guns. I have done Still Photography for several manufacturers and for several other Magazines.

Just wanted to say HI!!!

I live in the Phoenix Metro Area and shoot most of my Videos up at Gunsite.

Lets go shooting sometime!!


Welcome to the forum. Just added your channel to the list. Everyone make sure you check him out and subscribe.


Welcome :wink:


Thanks guys, you guys rock!!




Welcome @yrsued


Welcome to the forum!


How did you guys not get this video transfered?

I like it :+1:


Welcome to Full30…


LOL, we’re feverishly working on Uploading all our Videos, Dave is my Video guy and he’s doing a great job when he doesn’t have shoots to do!! He will get to it soon!!


Welcome to the forum! We’re happy to have ya here.


This is the same Video with a Different Opener and closer




Is your avatar from A Panteo productions video? You did a photography video for them, right?


Yes, I did a Panteao Video a few years ago on Photography, which is what I do for a living.


Good video :+1:






For legal reasons you should probably add that the targets were not harmed… too much… and if anything their confidence was boosted.

Technically they won.


No Targets were harmed in the production of this video…

I still have one of them here, the one that took the .22-250 hit and survived, I’m just going to paint it and keep using it!! Slightly used target :wink:

We uploaded a different version of that Video, that was made for them, MGM, ours is:

We just re edited it and added an opener and a closer, we didn’t want to use the video we did for our client in the exact same form on Full30