Hello From Illinois!


Hey folks! My name’s Grant Price, and I currently live in Southern Illinois (The half of the state that has some common sense :wink:) I’m into AR building, CCW topics, and anything engineering. Glad to see this place is growing!






Welcome to Full30 forum @gprice1 Good to have you here. I’m a state to your North up in frozen Wisconsin. I’m also a AR builder with more than a few under my belt.

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Welome @gprice1
Great to have you here with us!


Welcome to Full30! Glad to know Illinois isn’t completely lost.


Welcome sir,
Have you decided what free state you will flee too in 2020 yet?


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome from Ky


Welcome from Texas


Welcome to FULL30, glad to have you here. Seems like there are many of our group with your specific interests, always here to grow more new things.


Hehe. I don’t know. I’m thinking of going to Missouri for college. Maybe I’ll settle down there!


Thanks! Glad to be here!


Welcome @gprice1


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum.


@gprice1 (Grant)

Welcome to the Full30 Forum. We have a lot of great people here.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome to the forum! You’ll like it here.


Welcome! Stick around. You’ll like it here.


Welcome, Grant!