Hello from Indiana fng


Just wanted to say hello. I am a big fan of .308 and I also visit the .308AR form. 2of my favorite rifles are a Garand with my month and year of my birth. Just so happened. The other is a 1944 ? Mark 4 Enfield BSA arsenal refurbish. Also a Aero Percision fan. Right now with the wind chill it’s - 45




Welcome to the Full30 forum, always good to see a member of the .308AR forum come over here.


I hear nothing but good things about this place and the people. There is always something to learn.:grin:


Welcome @Unforgiven
Great to see you here as well as 308AR.com


Thanks brother :+1:


I love we can do that, wish other forums were as cool as them


I Agree!


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to the forum @Unforgiven






Thanks guys for the warm welcome :blush:


I fully expect to see some pictures of the Garand at some point Sir.


As soon as I can brother, we moved recently and I’m still trying to get my $hit together. I was also fortunate to have have found a bayonet @ CMP , 1942 Fork & How.If I could only have one this would be it.:grinning:




Welcome to Full30 forum @Unforgiven Good to have you here. I don’t have enough in .308, need more. Just one rifle, a FAL, and a handgun, a savage striker.

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Welcome to Full30! Glad to have you here.


Welcome to full30.


I can’t believe you guys let this waterhead in here!.. :rofl: