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There is a school Enabler U. My brother 98z who gets to sit in the front seat of the short bus is the professor. Just sayin


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@Robert he needs a 308ar.com designation.


Is that like a parking spot with out as many nails🙄


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Welcome @Unforgiven, get this man his double barrel!


Jt hiya doin brother :+1:, good day to be inside. Thanks for the welcome men.


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here is Elenore H&R barrel date of 11/55 as issued. I stripped the stock stained and coated with poly. Don’t hate me. The bayonet is 1942 Fork & Hoe. The Enfield is 1943 BSA arsenal refurbish in .303 British.


@ThisOldGun :grin:


Beautiful rifle! But now I am looking at my AR and it just seems ugly :no_mouth:


Thanks brother, I have seen guys that took a National Match and put wood furniture on it. Badass


I was from South Chicago , was 3rd gen at U.S. Steel. Registered for the draft but was considered 4F because I had contracted polio. My wife and I come from an Army family. Uncle’s we’re Army Air Corp… I finished up my career as a Union Sheet metal worker out of Chicago. I have spent about 40 year’s working outside. Been out a year, still can’t believe I made it. Great wife retired nurse. 3rd time was the charm. It’s been an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to help build America. God bless our Veterans and our Troops.


@Unforgiven Those are some great pieces! I can appreciate a good Enfield, and that H&R looks great with the ole’ Fork & Hoe. I bet she’s a dream to shoot!


Door buster, skull crusher . 30-06 what’s not to love