Hello from Indiana fng


Doing good, working outside every day but it has only been down to the teens here in southern Missouri, piece of cake for this Iowa boy. I know ya’ll have seen a good bit colder, enjoy your well deserved break from making a living in it!


Thanks brother, this was our first winter here and the house was very comfortable. North side of the house is brick had a little frost, nothing really. Hope you and your family are doing well.


Brother Jt and the 98z the ambassador have both completed Ranger school. We are real proud of these guys and all those like them . :grinning:


Hey bros :beers:


Brother, staying warm?


Gotta correct that, no tab here, just spent time in the 1/75th battalion and very proud of that. Lost my slot for Ranger school due to an injury during the spin up for it. Wish I would have had the opportunity but slots were tight as they were preparing to create a third battalion at the time and it was a long way out to my next opportunity IF I could get back on jump status. A real cherry assignment came my way before my next opportunity and I jumped on it instead of hanging out, being in battalion but not jumping is like a punishment. In no way do I mean to lessen the value of a tab but wearing a tab and being a Ranger are really two different things.


My apologies for my mistake brother , still not just anybody could get to that level. :+1:


Welcome Rene !


Long time no see brother :+1: hope you and your family are doing well.