Hello from Kansas!


Hello everyone. My name is Gary, and my channel name is Gizzard Gary on most social media platforms. I live in a small town in NE Kansas, close to where I was born and raised. I have been around firearms most of my life, my dad was an avid bird hunter. I’ve had my own shotgun since my early teens, shot the occasional .22 rifle, but never owned a handgun until 2015. Since that time, I own several handguns, and carry every day. I am a member of Gun Channels, and have produced a few of my own YouTube videos since 2017, where I not only produce firearm videos, but Second Amendment related content, interviews from gun shows, etc. I’m here to learn from others, and share my experience as a late-comer to the gun culture.




Thats a great intro, thank you,

but Gun Channels…

Inst that part of a scam?


and it may be tough for everyone to tell but, thats a joke :wink:


Welcome to the fun. Comment, support peoples posts and what not. Having fun is what it is all about. Hahhhaaa :+1::grin:


Welcome to the forum Brother!!


Welcome from a couple of states south of you.


LOL! I was pretty sure that was the video you were referring to. Funny stuff. And thanks for the welcome!


Welcome @GizzardGary
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Welcome to the Full30 Forum, GizzardGary.

Hope you enjoy it here.




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Gizz! my buddy, good to see ya here!


Thanks Clover! Truth is, I’ve been here almost a year under this account name, even longer if you count my old account. I just never did a shout out with my new account, and so I did today, and there are a lot of new people in here now!


Welcome Gary!


Ah, from the Lone Star state! I have family there, lived there for a few months many moons ago. Thanks!


Thank you much!




Thank you!


Appreciate it!



You have social media figured out!