Hello from Louisa,VA


Hello everyone. New member from Louisa,VA. I make AR500 steel targets and stands.



Who doesn’t love steel targets :grin:


Welcome aboard I too am from va


Right on :metal:t2:


Welcome from Texas


Welcome to the forum. Guys I’ve been plinking on hit’s targets for around a year now. They take a beating. He’s a great dude and local to me!! Good seeing you here :facepunch::facepunch: now let’s see those pics


Welcome @Hitstargets
Great to see you at full 30!







Welcome to the Full30 forums,… I prefer paper targets.


Ping! :wink:


Welcome to the forum!


My backyard paradise


Welcome to the forum Brother!!


Man you’ve put in some work! Should get Hansohn to come meter at your place sometime!!


I’d be glad to host them!


Welcome to Full30. Glad to have you here.




Welcome to Full30 forum @Hitstargets Good to have you here. I just so happen to love shooting AR500 steel targets. If you need anyone to make a video to promote them, just ask.

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