Hello from Metro Detroit


Hi guys. My name is Bob. Finance guy in the auto industry. Just created an account so I’m poking around and just wanted to say hi. I’m into everything from ARs to precision to (gasp) black powder. I’m not a particularly certified enthusiast, but I will jump in where I have experience. Glad to meet y’all!


Black powder!? That’s refreshing. I’ll have a lot of questions when we vote Newsome in next week. He’ll make our current gov of Ca look like a conservative. Black powder may be all we get. Though, we’ll just have to call it powder so as not to offend the other colors of powder.


IMR makes powder pellets called “White Hots” if that’s more palatable…


I definitely think that would be worse. We’ll call those privileged hots from now on.


I think I’m going to like this forum!


Welcome to Full30 forum @vinnybob48 Good to have you here. We got a little of everything here so I’m sure you will fit right in.

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There a decent group of people here
Welcome aboard
Please feel free to join our discussions


Welcome to full30, you live in a rough spot to be a gun nut. Glad to have you here and even more glad that you are not another one of those dirty commie trashcan rifle lovin cultists, I keep seeing around here. :laughing:


Welcome from Texas.


Here’s an idea…Don’t vote him in!


Well, I did what I could voting early today. Unfortunately…this state is full of folks who think differently. You never know.


I’m terribly sorry. I will normally welcome a guy before derailing his introduction. That Newson guy tweaks me. Made me forget my manners. Is it me, or does he have the same mannerisms and speech patterns as Obama?

Anyway, welcome to Full30, @vinnybob48. Glad to have you here!


Welcome as well. I don’t have manners. Just a lot of ADD. I think it’s something in the smell of gun powder. Seems to happen with all the gun guys I know.


Welcome @vinnybob48
Great to have you here at Full 30!



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Welcome to the forum Bob. Pix we need lots-o-Pix :wink:


Hi Bob. Glad to meet a fellow Michigander. Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome from Florida!


Welcome and I hope you enjoy.