Hello from MO


What’s up guys? I’m from the Kansas City, MO area. I like guns and cigars. Figured this is a good place to hang out!


Welcome to Full30, what kind of guns do you like/own?


Welcome from Ky . Always find time for a good cigar.


Welcome @Thatoneguy
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Welcome from Texas.


Good to meet you all. I grew up in a gun shop so I love all guns. Been on an old revolver kick lately bought a model 36 and some others. Before that I built a couple glocks. Always a good hobby.


Welcome @Thatoneguy




Welcome from the other side of the state




Welcome to Full30 forum @Thatoneguy Good to have you here. We do like our guns, and cigars, some of us even like cook.

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Welcome. I’m a newbie here on the forum myself. Im in east/central Missouri… good to have another Missouri man here.


Welcome! Frontier Justice is a nice indoor range on the Kansas side, even had a store for my wife to shop in case she didn’t feel like shooting.


Welcome to the forum!


Definitely a good place to be with like minded people! Show them guns off!! We need mo pix


Howdy! Have fun here!




Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome to the FULL30 and forum. Glad you found the way in.