Hello from NC


I’m Robert and I’m stuck in NC for the moment. It’s been a long time since I worked on my shooting and that’s something I plan to change this year. I’m a FAL nut, thrown together a few dozen of them, worked at a friend’s gun store for a few years and learned just enough gunsmithing from him to not screw things up. I hope to learn a lot while I’m here.


Welcome @Docrobert
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Welcome to Full30! Glad you found us.


Welcome to Full30 forum @Docrobert Good to have you here. I love my FAL.

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I’ve lived in NC and there’s worse places to be stuck :sunglasses:


Same here. Just tell me you’re not in Fayetteville!


Welcome to the forum.



Welcome to the Full30 Forum.





I mean, there is a better Carolina than that one. Lol

Welcome to the party, neighbor!


Welcome to the forum Brother.
Do you have a FAL preference? Metric, or standard?
I will have more questions for you in the future about the FAL family of rifles.




Welcome aboard!


Welcome! Most of my family lives in your state!


Welcome to the forum. The fal is one beautiful machine


Welcome! Glad to have you here.


Welcome to FULL30, glad to have find us. I’m thinking there may be just a few here that recognize an FAL, on first guess!:rofl: