hello from NC...


found this group from another forum Looking forward to reading and learning so please bare with me if I ask goofy things
I have had a weapon in my hand one way or the other since I was ten since my uncle started taking me hunting with him.
Maybe one day I can live up tom all others have taught me , until then I will endeavor on the path


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Welcome to the forum.


Welcome @painterman
Great to have you here.




WooHoo! NC!


Welcome. And remember, there are no goofy questions.






Welcome to full30.


Hello & welcome.


Cool! Have fun here!


Welcome to the Forum! Stick around, you’ll like it here.





Welcome to the Full30 Forum. Lots of knowledgeable people here, so ask away!



Welcome, another double barrel from 308AR I assume?


@jtallen yes came from 308ar




Welcome! We hope you find a new home here at Full30!