Hello from Northern California


Want to meet with other Marksmen for conversation and/or Range Time.

Will be starting Cowboy Action Shooting in 2019 if all pans out well.


Welcome to Full30 forum @Floyd1150 Good to have you here. We have several members from California.

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Welcome aboard


Welcome Floyd1150


How far north? I’m located in the 916, right alongside the lake.


Hi Rob,

I’m in area code 707 Sonoma County. I’ve been here since 1971.

Hard to find a place to shoot where you can turn your back to

the firing line without shivers running down your spine.

To many out there never were taught how to behave on the firing line.

I really miss being able to shoot at a “private range” with the folks I went

to high school with. We knew how to be safe!

Do you find the same thoughts going through your mind at the range?

Good chatting with you,


***** God Bless the United States of America *****


Welcome @Floyd1150
Great to have you here!


Floyd, I spent the first 25 years of my life in RP. I’m an ol Rancho kid.

Where do you shoot at? Pilsbury was always my favorite spot, but it was a hell of a drive just for a little plinking. Usually turned it into a whole weekend out there.


Welcome fellow Californian.


Welcome to the forum


Welcome to full30!


Good to have you here


Welcome I’ve got family in So Cal.


Welcome to the forum Brother!




Welcom to the forum


Hi Rob,

We would shoot at Circle “S” Ranch, an outdoor range, just past the Coast Guard Base on Bodega Hwy. 1, 2, and 3 hundred yard Rifle plus Pistol and a separate Shotgun area. Then there was some farmland we had permission to shoot on that was just right.

At Circle S Ranch there was no Range Master when we first shot there in '71; things changed for the better and a Range Master was hired. Now there are at least two or three out there and their overwhelmed by people who don’t know how to behave, or just won’t …

I also shoot at Richmond Rod and Gun Club. Nice place.

I’ve not shot at Pilsbury before. I have looked into the Ukiah Gun Club. They have a monthly Cowboy Shoot. Their range looks really nice. The people that shoot there seem to know what their doing and everyone follows the rules. It’s just the two hour drive, one way, that slows me down.

I’m afraid I can talk too much at times :grin:

Take care,


***** God Bless the United States of America *****


Hi Mosinvirus,

I’m sure to enjoy the company here.


***** God Bless the United States of America *****


Thank You

***** God Bless the United States of America *****


Thank you Chris.

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