Hello from Ohio


Hello all, glad to be on board. I’m from Ohio and found this site on Twitter. I follow President Trump on Twitter and that is the only reason I’m on it. Lots of good people on twitter that are pro second amendment and tactical reviews was one of the first ones I followed. Glad to be here!


so you a wheel gun, BFR or a pocket AR kind of guy (with a dog)
and welcome


I love my wheel guns, especially my Colt’s. I actually like them all.


Welcome to Full30. Glad to have you here!


Thank you😁


Welcome to the forum


Welcome @Dave
Great to have you here!


Thanks! Looks like a good forum!




Welcome to the Forum! I used to live in Morrow county.






Welcome to full30!


Welcome to the forum Brother! We are glad you are here!




Welcome to Full30 forum @Dave Good to have you here. I’m glad I was able to inspire you to come on over here.

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Glad to ne here!


Welcome to full30!



Welcome to the Full30 Forum - a fun place to be.

We are definitely pro 2A here.