Hello from Oklahoma City


Hello, I am from OKC, OK. I currently am a gunsmithing student at SDI. I am always looking for broken or damaged firearms that I can purchase and repair since I don’t have my FFL quite yet to be able to work on other peoples firearms. I am hoping to be able to eventually own my own gunsmithing business and build unique stand out weapons and give people something to truly value at all kinds of price ranges.


Cool! Learn as much as you can… I am still learning after nearly 30 years. Hahhaha have fun here. Lots of good people


Welcome DTA13 to full30.


Thanks yeah I don’t think in this career choice I will ever stop learning. There is always something new and also as I have started to repair things getting odd and older things make new challenges everyday.


I can say this… keep a straight face when the stupid walks in the door. I have seen things that should not have been seen when it comes to broken firearms… hahhahahha


Welcome to Full30 forum @DTA13 Good to have you here. I’m also going to SDI, just started 5 weeks ago. Really enjoying it and learning a lot. Lots of gunsmiths here.

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@RogueGunnWorks HAHAHA I will definitely have to work on that!


@Tactical_Reviews That’s awesome to hear there are other SDI students on here. I’m not super far ahead of you. I started back in August and just finished 16 weeks I think. If I can do anything to help let me know.


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. Be sure to tell the other students in your class about here.


Welcome @DTA13
Great to have you here!!


Welcome. Show off those project guns




Glad you are here!




Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome to Full30. Glad to have you here.


Welcome to the forum!


This is the latest project. For school, I had to hydrodip a weapon. The school provided the camo and I wasn’t a big fan of it, so I bought a high point C9 that I found a local shop to apply it to. I did the slide and both handles, I then went back and retouched the Safety etc. I am thinking about color filling the slide black to allow the markings to show up more. Haven’t yet.


This was one of my first color filling jobs.


This is Frank. He is one of the AR’s i made completely from the ground up. I love the feeling of taking a box of parts and making a weapon out of it.