Hello from PA


How you doing everyone my name is mike and I’m from Pennsylvania. I found out about this nice little place from a live stream from Zeke shoots. I started to get into firearms back in 2006 and progress all the way to present. Everything from Bolt actions, ARs, and all the way into the NFA game. I got into shooting from my father take me to the range, it sounds kind of cliche but I guess its the same for a lot of people here. I have recently acquired the taste for doing builds and I think eventually reloading. zeke shoots got my attention with the AK build and made me go headlong into it. Getting the Jigs and the parts kits together for something interesting. I’ve met a few guys here on other forms and it’s a lot nicer here without all the drama and the bickering back and forth. This is a peacock in freezone lol.

I think it’s going to be an interesting day here and I’m happy to meet all of you.

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Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to Full30 forum @MikeBlack47 Good to have you here. Great live stream you listen to.

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Welcome to Full30! Hope you enjoy!


Welcome to the Full30 forum. Careful with the .308AR guys…they like hugs…


Welcome @MikeBlack47
Great to have you here with us at full 30. I’m in sw pa, what general area are you here?


Good to have you here Brother!
We welcome you to our happy home here at Full30.




Welcome the full30!




It sounds like they take friendship very seriously lol


@98Z , @Robocop1051 , @ArmedEyeDoc

From what I understand its a requirement on Robocop’s forum ( https://forum.308ar.com )



Welcome to F30 bud!


@MikeBlack47. Welcome, from N.E. PA.


There is a very close brotherhood over there.

@MikeBlack47 welcome to the forum.


I think the Romans and the Greeks would approve :rofl:


@98Z might be Greek or Roman.


Welcome to FULL30, we appreciate your willingness to be a common target. It seems like you have received some potshots already.


Welcome you will like it here



Welcome to the Full30 Forum.

Hope you enjoy it here.