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Hey everyone!

George here with PDWSolutions.com I do more than just run my website. I am also an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor; Manufacturer Rep for Torrent Suppressors in Louisiana and Mississippi; Sales Coordinator for Firearms Legal Protection; member of Louisiana Carry and an Outspoken 2nd Amendment and Open Carry Advocate


Welcome to Full30 forum @pdwsolutionsllc Good to have you here. If there’s anything I can do for you, just ask.

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OC all the way!!!



Me personally, I just carry, not open, not concealed, just carry. If my weapon is under my coat, so be it. If I take that coat off and you can now see my gun, again, so be it.


Welcome to the party


Welcome to Full30. Glad to have you here.




Welcome to the forum. Wouldn’t happen to know where I could get the buffer tube and stock for a miss berg 715t would you? I want to sbr my pistol


Try here



Welcome to FULL30, we are glad to have in our group. Your description would lead me to think that you have been real busy. That’s a good mix for us all.:sunglasses:


You meant a Mossberg 715p. P for Pistol

Any of the SB Tactical Pistol Braces and buffer tubes should fit



The p doesn’t except a normal tube. It’s more a plug with a screw that goes in one side and tightens to the other. I figured the T was the same design but with a buffer




Welcome @pdwsolutionsllc
Great to have you here at Full 30!!!




welcome George!!! I have a Torrent t3 on my AR10. (You might just see it in a print magazine in 2 months from now actually)




Welcome to the forum!


@pdwsolutionsllc (George)

Welcome to the Full30 Forum - a fun place to be.

Hope you enjoy it here.