Hello from Portugal


Hello everyone,

I’m from Portugal, avid shooter and big gun enthusiast. I believe in the second amendment although it doesn’t apply to me in my country and I’m and NRA member but I’m very disappointed with with them.

I’ own a small gun themed, Portuguese spoken, Youtube channel:

And I’d like to be able to publish my videos on Full30.

Kind regards,




Welcome to the forum.
The idea of the right to keep and bear arms is universal. The term used to describe these rights was “unalienable.” That means it is the right of all persons born anywhere. Most governments refuse to recognize this right, as well as most of the rest that are enumerated in the Bill of Rights, and restrict them. That does not mean the right is not there.
So, keep up the fight to preserve and protect your rights.:+1:




Welcome to the full30 forum. How are the gun laws over there?


Welcome @manobras.diversao


Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome @manobras.diversao! Glad you joined us here. It is nice to see our international friends share the same sport that we do.


Bem vindo à festa. Eu nao falo portugues.

Chalk one up for Google translator. Lol


a lei permite pistolas?


Welcome to Full30 forum @manobras.diversao Good to have you here. To get a channel here you will need to reserve one, click here to do that. It may take a while to get approved, however, being active here tends to help speed that process up. Be sure to check the list of content creators from the link below and give them a subscribe. We all work together to help us all grow.

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welcome and be the first to stick a pin on the wall on that side of the puddle


Welcome to Full30! Glad you could join us. You’re the first from Portugal, I believe so that’s cool. We’re always interested in other countries’ gun laws. Are you allowed to carry a concealed weapon? What the rules on purchasing? Are you able to get most guns, like an AR-15, or are there restrictions? So many questions…

As far as a channel, you need to apply for one and then wait. It might be a while as we’ve had some growing pains. But it’ll happen eventually, especially if you remain active on the forum.

Good luck! And welcome again!


Welcome to the Forum! Stick around, you’ll like it here.

Portugal is an absolutely gorgeous country and I’m lucky to have visited briefly when I went to Spain. Very glad to have you here!


Welcome to the FULL30, glad you are here, even from where you are


Welcome! Glad to have you here!




Thank you.

Gun laws in my country are in the process of change but things will probably get worse. The few gun owner associations are trying to prevent this, but we’re a minority.




Thank you!

Gun laws are very, very restrictive. You have to jump through many hoops and spend a lot of money in order to get a permit to own a gun. It’s virtually impossible for a civilian to carry a concealed gun for self defense and calibers are very limited.

Other than concealed carry permit we can apply for hunting, sport and collector permits. these are easier to get and, combined, allow for almost all the guns you can buy there, exept for ARs, AKs and all long guns resembling full auto military weapons.