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Believe me, I know. And even .25 and .32 carry permits are nearly impossible to get approved. A have a friend who owns a few jewellery stores and applied for a permit and got it refused. The justification was that he did not provide irrefutable proof of the need for a concealed carry permit.




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I’ve been several times to the US and played a lot with your toys. I took a few, pistol, carbine (Ar-15) and SMG classes in Las Vegas and Miami.

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Yes we have to deal with EU regulations but unfortunately our own restrictions are much worse than EU’s. We’re in the process of approving legislation changes to incorporate EU regulations in our law. Our law-makers took the opportunity to try and slip a few very bad pieces of legislation. We’re trying to fight back.

I don’t practice air soft but have a few friends who do. All my airsofter friends also have guns (sport shooting license or hunting permit) but I know they’re the exception.


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Thank you. Please do come by and visit Portugal.It is a beautiful and welcoming country. I think you’ll like it.






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