Hello from SoCal


Frost here, Im a long range target shooter/hunter in the AV area. Like to get out in the wild when the mood is right. (It always is) MAC always talks about the site, so I finally decided to sign up. I do a lot of rifle builds, and have a good well of knowledge. Looking for to getting to know every one!


Welcome! Thanks for joining us!


Welcome to the forum from Texas.


Born n raised in Amarillo TX, hows life down there? lol


Welcome to Full30 forum @thtfrostmann Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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Welcome @thtfrostmann
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Welcome to the forum Brother!




Welcome to the Full30 Forum, thtfrostmann.

Hope you enjoy it here.

So, what/where is the “AV area” ???


Welcome to the forum frost






Welcome to the forum brother.


Welcome to Full30! Glad you found us!


Lancaster close to quartz hill



thanks for the info. So, what does “AV” mean/stand for?


Antelope valley. It’s along the 14 hwy like ur heading to Barstow/LV



thanks for the details.


welcome to full30!


Welcome from San Fernando Valley.