Hello from South Africa


Hey guys

My name is Vincent. I am from Cape Town, South Africa.

Interested in preserving our rights to own firearms and use them to protect ourselves. Which it government hates.

I own:

I’m happy to be here and to talk guns. :grin:


Certainly our only member from your area but welcome just the same!


I just joined myself. Welcome to the forum, and hoping we both get all we can hope for while here.


Welcome to the forum Brother!

That lee is beautiful. I also use the seller& bellot ammo in .303! Good old green box!




Welcome to Full30 Forum, Vincent.vanzyl.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome to Full30! You’ll learn a lot here. Hope you enjoy it.


Thanks everyone. I’m happy to be here. And hoping to learn as much as I can


welcome to our most southerly member…


From our most Northerly member…?


Almost most north - there is someone from Alaska…


Welcome to Full30 forum @vincent.vanzyl Good to have you here. Glad you made it, and yes, we welcome all patriots. Being a patriot isn’t just a US thing. We have patriots all over the world who want their natural born rights.

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The forum is growing every day! :+1: How many continents and countries are represented by our members now? Just curious.


dunno, would be neat too :sunglasses:




Welcome @vincent.vanzyl
Great to have you here at Full 30!!


Welcome from Texas


Welcome Vincent.

Good for you! Never let go of the rights you have. You will NEVER get them back if you give them up.


Welcome from Arizona!