Hello from Star, Idaho


Hi … intro’s seem a little funny here since I’m sure we’re all pretty much the same in our line-up of interests! BUT, here goes…

I live in Idaho, the land of the free - soon to be taken over by blue out-of-staters (we’re seeing massive migration of blue/purple people into Idaho).

I’m a life member of the NRA, life member of the Gun Owners of America, member of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, and member of the Idaho State Rifle & Pistol Association. I shoot, reload, and train regularly. Within a few weeks, I’ll have completed the process of becoming an NRA Certified Instructor capable of teaching firearms familiarity and safety courses, basic pistol, personal protection inside the home, and Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry training (company name - newly established - is Level 9B Firearms Training LLC). As soon as FaceBook is through with their extreme vetting of new firearms related pages, our FB page will show up.

I also enjoy fishing and hunting and a ‘homesteading’ lifestyle. I am a dedicated Christian and I stand for what’s right. I also went through professional boat design training and have designed exactly one boat that can be built by virtually anyone … an offshore 25-29 ft camper on the water that’s designed to be very efficient (great gas mileage) and to be very seaworthy, even adrift or at rest as it would be when spending the day offshore fishing. See http://www.glacierboats.com for info and plans. The boat is called the Great Alaskan - we are previously from Alaska, and after seeing the cultural changes occurring there, we have moved to the great state of Idaho. Too bad this place too is being so targeted by those that would do us wrong…

Anyway, long winded. I’ll move on. See you in the forums!



Welcome Brian!

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I first heard about full30.com from The Idahoan Show on YouTube (someone that I think should be invited here … check him out :slight_smile: )



Welcome to the forum brother.


Thanks, All!



Welcome to the forum Brother!!!


Welcome to Full30 forum @IdahoBangBang Good to have you here. I’ll go see if I can contact The Idahoan Show. You wouldn’t happen to have contact info on them would you? Youtube is not real good at allowing contact, but I’ll do what I can.

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Welcome @IdahoBangBang
Great to see you here at Full 30!!


Welcome brother from a Pastor in Kentucky.


Welcome @IdahoBangBang. Glad to have you here.


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I don’t know how to contact The Idahoan Show in YouTube, but posted a comment to one of his most recent videos (link below), inviting him to join here and contact you or to use my contact page at my Glacier Boats of Alaska web page (glacierboats.com) so that nobody has to post contact info in a skimmable public web page somewhere.





Welcome ti the forum!


No worries, I was able to send them a message on facebook


Thanks :smiley:


Howdy, we are seeing the same influx here in Montana… they are breeding like rats and spreading themselves out to every corner of the globe. Hahhahahhaaa


Well … This country was founded on the principle that each state is a separate experiment … the implication being that if one isn’t working out for you, then you can go pick another. It’s a good principle that prevents various bad factions from spreading across state lines with no escape … but how pragmatic is it really? The problem that I see is that you get people from CA that want a lower cost of living, less government oppression and overreach (and the taxes that support it) and that’s good. BUT, they more often than not have a live and let live attitude, even when the let live half of that equation includes BAD politics and ethics/moral standards. And if the head of household that came here is OK after all, what about the wife and all those kids that were taught lies and were indoctrinated by the CA public school system … as though ours is any better? And those on the nefarious side of the fence own the conversation for the most part … everything out of Hollywood, everything from the Associated Press, all of the TV news services (even Fox to a great degree). This is why I expect the last few of the red states to cave to the dark side… votes from those that would harm us will soon out-number the votes from those that stand up for what’s right. Still … regardless of anything, you always must stand up for what’s right … end of story, period.


Welcome to the forum!