Hello from Star, Idaho


Welcome aboard. Be sure to show off those hunting pix


Welcome to the Full30 Forum, IdahoBangBang.

Looking forward to your hunting adventures input.


Me too!


Welcome (belated) to the forum brother. My future soon-to-be neighbor when the wife, kid and I move to ID. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m chomping at the bit to hurry that process along. Haha…


Us too! Thinking Idaho county.


Where you guys from? Just be warned that in Idaho, sentiments against outsiders are at a raging peak due to all the passive Californians coming in. Get rid of your plates and get new ones ASAP if you move here. Idaho’s shifting to blue because of the inward migration and people are getting very concerned… Just be aware.



Coming from an almost now blue Texas. California has already ruined it here. I’ve spoken to several native Idahoans and former Texans that relocated there. We’ll be fine I think based on their feedback. We’ll be in the middle of no where when we relocate. And nothing will deter us. :+1:

You’ll gain 2 libertarian / conservative adults for your voting populous. :cowboy_hat_face:


We’re coming from California but we’re certainly not coming with any liberal ideas. That’s what we’re escaping. Definitely conservative!


All good… Hopefully your family’s are of the same ilk. We need more voters and more who are willing to get involved… Join the school boards, get in relevant government committees etc… :+1:



To also add we’ll be placing roots and raising our daughter there. Also will be a small business owner as well.




EQuinn … FYI - Ben Shapiro just ran a poll in Texas that asked just 2 questions … were you born in Texas? and Did you vote for Cruz or that other guy? The overwhelming support for the lib-coast immigrants to Texas was for Cruz. Shapiro concluded that the migration was skewing Texas towards conservatism. Time tells all…



Unfortunately Texas is not turning more conservative. Quite the opposite actually, hence the reason some Texans are leaving trying to get ahead of the storm.

All of the major cities are blue except maybe Amarillo. Ft. Worth just turned purple—which is scary because like CA the large cities run the state and Ft. Worth used to be staunchly red. The next election cycle will have winning dem candidates in red districts and etc all over the place minus maybe the governor if Abbot runs again. Frankly Shapiro doesn’t live here so his opinion and poll are off base. I like the guy and watch his podcast but here he is absolutely wrong. ALL of the heavily Hispanic and CA / NY transplant cities & counties voted blue. All of them. Just look at the election results by county. It’s the exact same situation that CA, OR and WA have themselves in to now. :frowning:

I’d also like to point out he doesn’t know about market research, I do because that’s my job and career. You’d need to run surveys in every county and for a large chunk of the populace in order to get reliable results. Polling a few to ~10k people won’t cut it when there are millions of voters in the state, a few million of which are transplants from the last 15 years or so. But I digress since my job is boring I’ll save you all the mess. :cowboy_hat_face:

It is an unfortunate situation for sure for native Texans, either way. I really feel for those CA, OR and WA people that are center or conservative who are stuck with the trash those cities keep voting in.


I’m not from Texas, but I agree with you anyway… I’ve heard the same things said about idaho, but like Texas, this place is going blue too. Once the left gets texas’ electoral votes, the whole country is done.


I think Florida will do that first. It seems Florida is all that stands between R or a D winning in the white house. Once Florida is completely blue we are screwed. Our only hope is generation Z once they get to voting age and or get to be mature adults. The millennials are going to usher in a dark time for about a decade. These millennials are socialist scum Bernie + Ocasio-Cortez people.

I do think Idaho is longer down the line to turning all blue versus Texas. The sad thing is I truly believe some democrats are purposely migrating to red states…


In Illinois… It’s just a matter of time. Gun confiscation shortly after…



I’m in Florida and I agree with you. Our only hope is to get the independent vote without loosing the ultra right.


Festus, et al:

I have seen Florida be a swing state for a long time now. There may be a slight trend towards blue, but oh so slight.

We do have a lot of people from New York and a lot of snowbirds (I wonder if the snowbirds are voting in both states they have residences in?). But still, Florida is notorious for having to have recounts because of the votes being so very close for each side. This hasn’t changed.


Not passing judgment but the latest group that will have restored voting rights will most likely vote blue pushing the state closer to blue then red.


This is a great point. Especially for states with a heavy drug user former prison population. I suppose states like FL, TX and even AZ could have a huge problem if this happens.