Hello from the midwest USA


Hello everyone, I have gun-ADD hence, I am not a collector but I have owned or built a lot of guns. My wife is still trying to find cure for my gun fever which although it subsides when funds are low, flares back up when funds return, crazy how that works, her intervention was to take said funds. This leaves me with window shopping and forums. Its good to be here and have a new forum to check into.



Hello, don’t worry, we’ll sneak in some porn




Welcome to Full30 forum @ Good to have you here. I think we might have the same wife.

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Great to have you here! We all suffer from gun diseases here & feel your pain…




Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome from Texas


There is no cure for the fever, but everything will be OK. You have plenty of support here. Welcome to Full30! :wink:






Howdy! Yes… many of us here have the same problem… I like guns so much, I created my own company. Now it is gun porn all the time. Hahahhaha


Welcome and negotiate. Lol nice weekend trip somewhere within a couple hours drive and you get to buy another gun. It’s a win win.


Welcome to Full30 Forum, KUNGFOMATIC.

I am not sure there is a real cure for the gun-buying fever, but we all survive with the fever, so can you.

I agree with the suggestion that to help you suggest something nice for your wife, and then she will be more accommodating to your gun “needs”.

Of course, we all have to live with the problem of money not growing on trees. That is where the challenge is - to get what will make you the happiest for the longest, the earliest. This is something that spending time in the Full30 Forum can help you with.



Thanks for the kind words