Hello from the PNW Blizzard


Yes sir I do. Shooting guns, repairing guns, gunsmithing 101, buying guns, hunting with guns, reloading, talking about guns, 2A fundraising, (cleaning guns, eh…)


Welcome to the forum @albroswift. I lived in the PNW for about 10 years before moving back home to Michigan.




Welcome from Ky


Hello and welcome to the Forum! Stick around, you’re going to like it here. If you’re not careful you’ll end up adding .303 Brit, 8x50R, 7.62x38… :grin:


If someone showed up with a weapon and some brass in one of those calibers I couldn’t help myself!
I ran the Dillon since the 90’s, just bought the rockchucker last year for some obsolete round Dillon didn’t make a shell plate for, the venerable 405 Winchester.
My post on it over on sixguns:


Welcome to FULL30 we are glad for you to be here. You seem like a busy person, we like to learn.


Lol love that answer. I shot what ever has a trigger myself lol


It would be tough for me to own an unfired collector, that’s for sure!


That is one heck of a lineup, I am super jealous.


I also don’t see the 338 Yeti on that list.


I’m thinking a CR-7, my BAR 338WM is getting long of the tooth.


And don’t forget the extra 500bo barrel :sunglasses:


That 338WM is a great round… but being able to load a 300gr Berger VLD Hybrid (+0.81 BC) into a semi auto, and then shooting at 1.5 miles, with a package that compares in weight to a .308… well, that can only be done with a CR-7.


I believe the BAR 338 was (one of the?) the most powerful autoloading sporter on the commercial market for quite some time.


Barnes X 185 at a a little over 3000fps is no slouch.


You mean like




Thats copy right infringement , he needs his own symbol…and hopefully less spandex and bat horns.


ah,yeah, if you’ve heard of the pants down hug at AR308 you might appreciate spandex keeping things to a minimum