Hello from the PNW Blizzard


I was told ee dont talk about that outside of .308AR. Its kind of like fight club or the mafia.


@albroswift welcome mate!

That’s a brilliant array of calibres. Do you get into much competition or just plinking?


Lots of plinking, hunting, and some competition, not so much comp as I use to. IPSC/USPSA,Steel plates, long range revolver. (open sights, 100 to 600 yard steel targets) Rifle or Bullseye most weekends.


PS the 600 yard steel doesn’t get hit that much, but fun to try…


E Series Smith
One of the nicest shooting strait out of the box 1911s out there


Hamilton Bowen built 50th anniversary Flat Top next to my FA
Turnbull Case Hardening Herrett Presentation Grips




4-5/8" 3 screw Blackhawk 45 Colt/ ACP convertible in a Bladetech.