Hello from the wild west.


Hello full30,
I go by the handle deadhorse, I am a father of 3 awesome teenage pro gun boys 1 adult daughter and a grandfather to 1 awesome little pro gun girl, I am a Pro 2A firearm enthusiast.
I guess one could say my specialty is the Ar15 platform but I don’t claim to be a expert or for anyone to take my advice without talking to 9 others. I have done everything from 80%er’s to precision rifles, to some of the lowest cost builds imaginable to 5k+ rifles.

I got started in 2A social media to learn more about firearms, ammunition, 2A and gear. I like to share my findings with others in hopes they make a more informed decision.

I prototype various things, I enjoy tinkering and tuning firearms, I reload ammunition and enjoy building new calibers to branch out and try new things, I think I hold the record for most live ar15 builds on youtube with 20+ and the kid builds a gun projects where my kids learn and build various guns live and in pre recorded vids in hopes to educate other youth and encourage adults to not be so afraid to DIY, latest projects have been 6.5 grendel and another 458 socom, next upcoming project is another 7.62x39 Ar47 build that will have cost a total of 270 vs a +2,000 previous Ar47 build and compare them.
I also test and compare lots of individual small parts like various buffer springs in various calibers, various safeties, scopes etc etc. I like to buy and try new things which sometimes is awesome and other times depressing but either way its what I have a passion for and I am glad to be over here on Full30 a platform that doesn’t hate gun owners.


Welcome @deadhorse
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Welcome to the Full30 Forum, deadhorse.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Kicking at a dead horse pleases you :musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:

(Turns down Metallica to say)


Post those videos, platform doesn’t matter, content does!!


Welcome from Texas


Welcome to Full30! Glad to have you here.


Welcome to Full30 forum @deadhorse Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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bought time you got over here @deadhorse!!


Welcome to the forum Brother!




Welcome @deadhorse, good to see you over here!


Welcome! Curious about a $270 build for an Ar47


Welcome to the Forum Brother.




So awesome to meet you @deadhorse.

I’m out on the west coast and got started because I wanted to exercise my 2A Rights. So I got a couple of 80% builds… not like you though… I’ve only got a couple. Learn a lot. Still much to learn. I look forward to seeing some of your vids.