Hello from TN




Welcome to Full30 forum @JPN Good to have you here. Tell us a little about yourself.

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Welcome @JPN
Great to have you here!
Where are you from? How did you hear of Full 30? Feel free to ramble on little more than your intro😂


I heard about full30, when people were talking about moving gun content off of youtube, in response to youtube’s new policies.

Finally got around to looking into the forum.

With the exceptions of vacations or temporary relocation for contract work, I’ve pretty much been in TN.


We’re glad you found us & we are slowly but surely kicking youpuke’s ass & look forward to becoming the biggest & best 2A video & discussion/content site on the net!!!


Welcome to the forum Brother!!!


Welcome from Texas




Welcome to the forum!




Welcome to the forum



What part of TN - West, Middle, or East?

I know East TN the best, but have been (just about) all over TN.


I spent some time living in the Cookeville area, a couple decades ago, and my parents had a weekend place at the Cuba Landing area of Kentucky Lake before that, but middle Tennessee is home.



I have been thru Cookeville many times, even went to a band camp there once in high school. Haven’t explored the town much, though.

Have you ever been to Gatlinburg or the Smoky Mountains?


Welcome! What part of Tennessee? I was there first few years of my life.


I lived near crossville.


Did some camping with my parents, in and around the Smokies, back in the late 1960s (don’t remember much of that). After moving back to middle TN from Cookeville, I did a few day trips to Cades Cove (doing it on a holiday weekend is a bad mistake), Clingman’s Dome, and a few other spots. Spent a few days in Gatlinburg (best time to stay is Monday afternoon thru Thursday, when it’s less crowded), around 15 years ago.

Haven’t been doing as many day trips and vacations as I used to, but I’ve been trying to turn that around (gradually making time for it). Drove down the Trace to the Tennessee River bridge, a few weeks ago. Been close to 20 years since I did any camping, but I’m trying to get back into that - gradually replacing old/lost gear. How my body will cope with that, is still an unknown, as I am nowhere near as limber as I used to be.