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Hello, my name is Travis and my channel name will be travisp11 once I am up and running on Full30. Some of my favorite content to create are gun cleaning videos. A hot topic that comes up in the comments section in my videos is the gun owners choice of firearm cleaner/firearm lubricant. What do you use and why?


Look forward to your channel and content,



Hopefully, I will be able to upload videos soon! I have over 700 on YouTube waiting to come over!


Theres some beta bugs to exterminate, for now you can post what you have here to get people familiar with who you are :sunglasses:




Welcome to Full30 forum @travisp11 Good to have you here. Look forward to your channel. Once it’s up let me know and I’ll get you added to the producers group and to the list of members channels.

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Thank you! I have plenty of content on standby!


Welcome to full30!


Welcome from Texas


Hey @travisp11, good to see you over here buddy!


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@travisp11 please don’t break Full30 like you did vidMe! LOL welcome bro


What’s up bro! Welcome


Welcome @travisp11
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And here I was thinking these were “NICE” Forums, but then travisp11 had to come along so he could “Break” them.

Just kidding, hey Travis! :wink:


Welcome to Full30. Great to have you here.




Welcome to Full30!


Hello Nightstryke!