Hello From Tunisia


Hello my name is Mootaz i’m 25 year old Tunisian young former Conscript Soldier with the Tunisian Army …
I served Between September 2013 till 8th of January 2015



no conscription here




Welcome aboard


thank you all for the welcome … @Robert here we do have mandatory service … i served and proud of it even it had no action


Well thats good to hear :+1:

To my knowledge you are our first Tunisian member :sunglasses:


I’ve missed my age window but I would not be opposed to a 2 year mandatory service window here. If someone is a conscientious objector they could still do some other kind of national service.


yeah it’s hard to find Tunisians very intressted in Fire Arms like me and goes into western communities


Did you train with or by the US Army?

And do you watch FULL30 Videos?


Welcome, hopefully you stick around and share a little bit of your firearm knowledge.


What rifle were you issues ?


I my self never being trainned with or by US army … but Our army regularly Participate in Join excersises with US Army … i remember seeing news about Tunisians Soldiers at JRTC
actually what got me here is Military Arms Channel Videos … i watched the MTP 76 Video and i see Full 30 in discription so i joined


guess by my Profile picture
here is larger size



Welcome @Mootaz25kh
Great to have you here


i m planning on that even my firearm knowledge is superficial but hoping benefit others and benefit from others mostly second part


Are the gun laws pretty strict in your Country?


actualy here it’s 1 year but i did 1 year + 4 month as reserve n active duty because we had election in the time my mandatory ended so they kept us for extra months


total ban except for hunting rifles ( hard to get permit for and expensive )


I would imagine a year would build a common bond of shared experiences that would foster a love of country.