Hello from WV


My name is Rich and I run a show Sunday nights at 8 PM Eastern on YouTube. I also appear as a panelist during the week on other shows.


Welcome @UnloadedMedia_RichWhite
Great to have you here atFull 30!


Hi Rich! Good to see you in here buddy!




Welcome to the forum Rich.


Welcome! Glad to have you here.


@GizzardGary Watch out the West Virginians are here! lol just kidding @UnloadedMedia_RichWhite




Welcome to the forum Brother!




Post some links!!




Where in the hills are you ?


Welcome to Full30


Welcome to Full30 forum @UnloadedMedia_RichWhite Good to have you here. We’re going to be starting up the Full30 podcast soon, we’ll have to team up to help cross promote.

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@rjburk, I’m in the Keyser area in Mineral County.


Randolph County here…


Welcome to the Full30 Forum, @UnloadedMedia_RichWhite

Looking forward to seeing your YouTube shows.


Hey, Rich. Welcome. West Virginia is awesome. I hope to move there in a couple years. Looking at the southern part. It’s beautiful. Take care.


uh oh, the 1% is here now, look out!