Hello from ZDG in Michigan

As I started typing up a topic I figured I’d be unique and say “hello from Michigan” – it seems others had the exact same feeling of originality and typed the same. Hello!

I represent

and I’m here to share our wares (kidding, mostly). We stock a bunch of fun stuff for EDC and the like. We’re a small business operated as you might have guessed, from Michigan, right outside Detroit.

As for my personal shooting and firearms I like pretty much anything that goes “bang”. I really like shooting ammo that someone else provides and then drinking free beer after the range… well that’s the dream at least.

I wear lots of gym type shorts and the like so I prefer smaller weapons that are IWB for out and about carry. I’m a big guy and my LCP looks like a phone in my pocket when I carry with a pocket holster. I do like that.

You’ll see us around here a bit as I think we’re working on publishing some content together.


lol, you say that like we’re slow or something :yep:

welcome, I hope people can take another hillbilly here :speak_no_evil:

And yes the rumors are true :+1: about working together, but can you share how you sell lock picking around Detroit, no one there is that subtle are they :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Welcome from Ky



@James-ZeroDayGear welcome to full30. Small business, let us know of any and all specials you guys have. :_223: :_9mm: