Hello - Indiana Guy


Hello- Indiana guy here as well - My first post, so I thought I’d welcome you.
I can’t seem to find a way to post an introduction for myself, so I’ll just introduce myself to you!:joy:

Native Texan living in Hoosier land

Welcome @2Alpha
Great to have you here. It’s not too tough to make your own introduction. Tap the little hamburger menu icon, select the title marked introductions, then tap on new topic. the first box will require you to make a title, then tap down below into larger box and tell us a little bit about yourself



Some navigation tips here

new topic how to here


I don’t see any ‘hamburger’ icon. Seems there should be a tab or icon to create a new post, but I sure don’t see one…


LOL. Don’t worry @2Alpha I haven’t found a hamburger either. But the new topic button is on the bottom right side. Looks like a little video says “New Topic” in green text. In your screen shot, shows a bullet with black background. Then when you click that, you can choose what category to put it in.


Welcome to the forum!! We are happy to have you here Brother.

Hamburger spotted!


That’s what y’all are calling a hamburger?? :rofl: OK, just shows I’m not into computer jargon any more than I am into guns.


i was looking around the site for a Big Mac :hamburger:



your screen shot shows 1920x1080


my screen is 1920x1080

I’m thinking your resolution is set wrong for your screen size

also, what do you have blocking the video?


My bad, i keep forgetting there are multiple platform views available(tablet,mobile, pc etc) the three lines. It’s a shitty hamburger (no pickles), but i still call it a hamburger LOL


You can also just hit the “C” button on your keyboard for shortcut to start new topic.


The ‘hamburger’ is a ‘drop down menu’. I see no choice for a NEW POST.


@2Alpha welcome man, great choice coming here…some fantastic peeps in this forum !!


@2Alpha did you see my comment about the floating button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen when yo are on the main forum page. It shows a bullet and says “new topic” also hit “C” on your keyboard, and that will also start a new post. The button was in your original screen shot you posted in the bottom right hand corner of the shot.


Welcome to Full30 forum @2Alpha Good to have you here. I hope to be down in your state in April.

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Welcome to the forum.


Boy I’m glad you guys got the hamburger straightened out. :joy:



well, another one that didn’t work, you guys almost got a hamburger




I was beginning to call a broker and dump McDonalds. whew, glad the hamburger was found in time!

Welcome to FULL30 @2Alpha glad to have you here We need help looking for the damn hamburger


Fuc%, now I’m hungry for a damn cheeseburger! Thanks a lot guys