Hello Magwa from 308AR.com


Hello My name is Mike everyone calls me Magwa (it is a long story) I am here from 308ar.com to lend assistance in any way i can former Navy man ,Captain on a volunteer fire dept. and member of search and rescue here in the valleys of central Idaho on the Nez Perce, Indian Reservation I hunt ,fish shoot, then hunt some more then fish a whole lot more when I am not shooting.


We’ve got time for a story :grin:


Good to see you here Mike.


Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome @Magwa
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Oh crap… another one of them people :joy:


Welcome to the forum Brother.


Welcome to Full30 forum @Magwa Good to have you here. I’ve always wanted to part of search and rescue, but seemed like I was always busy with other stuff. Now I’m too old and broken.

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Welcome to Full30! Glad to have you here.


Glad you made it!! The 308AR guys are contagious!!


Howdy Mike, glad you made it over here!


Magwa from Last of the Mohicans?


No, Magwa from .308AR.com


Welcome to Full30!


Thank you for the very warm welcome, it just proves good people hang out together no matter what… I have a lot to share about different things I am a flint knapper by trade so anyone wanting to know about broken rocks let me know, also pretty good on fire making and Tomahawks and knives, 'at any a,nd I love the 30 Cal AR format and I hunt with one have killed a lot of elk, deer, bear, etc so if anyone need help with bullet selection for big game let me know…

Stand for something or you will fall for anything!


Welcome to the forum magwa.


Welcome to the forum!



The top one is an example of Mike’s work that I have the privilege to own.



I’d say thats a privilege

Nice work @Magwa


Welcome to full30!