Hello Magwa from 308AR.com




sorry guys been working like a dog, I need to retire and stay that way in any case will try to get here in am before work…about 20 irons in fire and only one of me… :slight_smile: thank you for the warm welcome



Come in OUT of all that west coast smoke!

You hauling up into those Mts. with the 10-T?


Welcome, that’s a cool skill with the flint.


I’ve tried my hand at knapping with DC Waldorf’s books. You have some skill Sir. Much impressed.


Good to meet you Mike! Thanks for your service as well. I’m in Kommiefornia where people have some sort of allergic reaction to scary black rifles… but I’ve been working on an 80% AR308 while they aren’t outlawed. :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll have it in working condition before long.


Hey buddy, I am late to the show!


Hi Jacob!


Welcome aboard Brother!