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Hello Everyone! I would like to introduce myself:
I am a US Army Combat Veteran (11B) that lives in Minnesota and I own an online Sporting Goods Retail Store. I have worked in the Health and Human Services Field as a Program Manager for 2 years and as a social worker for 3 years prior to that. I started the online business as I have a huge passion for anything outdoors, I often found that many online retailers were not necessarily veteran friendly or had customer service that was not up to par, so I started my own business. I was referred to this site from the company that helped me through the process of developing my website and I am already wondering why I had not heard of it before.
I like to shoot long range stuff as well as any type of shooting, I also fish for muskies and coach my kids hockey and baseball teams. Glad to be a part of the community!


Welcome @ssgsports
Excellent to have you here sir!


Welcome, @ssgsports. What’s your online retail URL?


What’s your website???


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Welcome & thanks for your service!


Welcome @ssgsports, Join right in.

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Welcome, thanks for you service.


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Just checked your site, looks like you got some ammo I need! 270wsm & 25-06. I’m impressed.


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Thanks Everyone! If you all have any tips on the website, or things you would like to see let me know!


As the great Jeff Foxworthy once said : “I wanna beer & I wanna see somthin naked”


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Welcome to Full30, ssgsports.

What kinds of rifles (and what calibers) do you use to do long range shooting?

I am looking to get into that with a friend of mine. He already has a bolt action .300 Win Mag for his long range rifle, so I would be trying to keep up with him and his choices.