Hello Full30
I’m Travis. I’m 41 years old from Ohio.
Married father of two. I’ve been a machinist for 20 years.
I grew up in a very pro gun home. Firearms just became a part of my life and I’m glad it did.
I came to Full30 to start a channel. I wanted to try the other video site but, they’re not very 2A friendly. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on something that can be taken away for no reason what so ever.
I’ve spent the last couple months working on some content to share. Yes, it’s taken me this long! It wasn’t as easy as i thought it would be, but I have a few videos that I’m comfortable sharing now.
Something that has always drove me nuts with “gun channels” is, most channels show you a new rifle, handgun or shot gun and they tell you how well it shot the first 200 rounds they fired off camera.
One thing I’ve said is if I’m able to share videos here, any new firearm I review, the first shots will be on camera.
Outside of firearms, expect to see knives(lots of knives) flashlights and other edc gear.
Well, that’s it. That’s me. I can’t wait to share videos because paragraphs, don’t come easy for me!
I hope to share with you all soon.


Soon, Welcome!


Welcome to Full30 @TCGuns Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine. When @full30nick gets back next week perhaps you can get something going for a channel.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


It’s never to late Brother! I can’t wait to see your content.


Welcome @TCGuns
Glad you joined us!


Welcome @TCGuns. Can’t wait to see what content you have produced.


Welcome to Full30! @TCGuns


Welcome to Full30…


Glad you’re here.


Hello and welcome to the forum from another Ohio native!!!


Thank you everyone. Im glad to be here


I’m right between Cincinnati and Dayton


I-O! I grew up north of Columbus- Marion/Morrow county.


Hello there fine folks of Full30…
My name is Jay. I have been an internationally used professional photojournalist for nearly 25 years. I have been shooting gun related things for only the past 4-5 years of that and I absolutely love it!!! My wife spent over 10 years in the US Army with multiple tours to the middle east before being injured and forced to medically retire. We moved from Northern California to Arizona just about 2 years ago and it has been amazing here so far. She is also a graphic designer when she feels like it so its a great match for us to be able to do photography and design for clients in house. I am also into doing custom 1 off designed guns of all sorts. Which I will surely share on here the more time I am able to spend. As well I am slowly starting to get into shooting video which will be awesome once I figure out the editing side of things.
Hope to get to interact here with other pro 2a people from all over as well if you are in Arizona hopefully we will have opportunities to meet up and share our passion for the industry.
you can always go onto my IG at Jay Canter Photography to see some sweet images.
thank you!!!


Welcome @PhotoguyJay
Great to have you here! I look forward to seeing some of your work!


thank you!!! I just finished up an AR9 pistol that I have started to show photos of. Also reworking my suppressed AR10 right now. Just waiting on a brand new receiver set from a client to get out of anodizing this next week so I can photograph it for them and then send back to my cerakoter to match up the previous parts and then just hope the Arizona heat will start to go away soon so I can start to go learn about shooting long distance.




Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the madness. Machinists are my kind of people.


Welcome @PhotoguyJay