Help an NFA noob


Lets say I buy an FN PS90 with a 16” barrel (non SBR) and wanted to SBR it after buying the shorter barrel separately later on. What are the steps I need to take? The internets is not clear so I ask here in case someone here has done this.


Do a form one, get it engraved when approved swap the barrel and pewpew


About how long does it take to get that back these days?


6 to 8 months usually


Good thing is if you form 1 it stays in you hands. I had my old dealer do a form 4 I believe it was and engrave his shop name in it😞 and he had my lower for right at a year.


So to be clear I can buy the shorter barrel (kit) separately, leave it off and use the legal longer barrel until the NFA approval comes back then swap? Also, will the barrel need to have a serial number engraved in to it? If so any suggestions where to get that done?


I would not buy the barrel till after your approved. That would be possession with intent. After approved I’d send the barrel to Morgan at class 3 and have him chop and threat to the desired length unless it’s cheaper to buy a barrel.


never mind the intent is to comply with the law… :pleading_face:


Exactly. Form 1 and wait to get a barrel or get it cut once approved


Duly noted thanks @suppressednation!

Oh I would get the second barrel in case I wanted to return it to factory spec.


Once u go short u never go back. I think that’s the saying or something close haha


Everything Suppressed Nation said… with emphasis on DO NOT BUY THE SHORT BARREL UNTIL YOU HAVE A TAX STAMP.
Yeah… be safe.