Help For A Vet's Son

Hello I am trying to get ahold of my father’s military record(s). So far I haven’t been able to get anything at all except a few stories from relatives about stuff he pulled while in the service. From what I understand he was in the Marines I don’t know what specific years but it was during the Korean War. He was an MP who flew prisoners from Korea to Japan. I don’t believe as a pilot as he didn’t know how to fly from my knowledge but as like an armed guard sort of thing.

He was not dishonorably discharged but not honorably discharged as well. The way it was worded to me what he received a “less than” honorable discharge. The story I was told was he got a new “boss” I’m not sure exactly what the proper term was. Anyway it was a young kid straight out of high school but had done some sort of previous training so he came into the service already a higher rank than my father. Evidentially he was probably correcting my father on something and my dad had enough of him and decked him out cold. He was court martialed for hitting a superior officer and given the option of no jail time and a dishonorable discharge or a few months in the brig and a “less than honorable discharge”

I would love to be able to have a copy of his records and stuff as I am proud of him and he is no longer with me but I am stuck and not getting anywhere. Could someone give me a hand? Thanks!


Good Luck!

I was told my fathers records were burned. I would start here they can be found and reconstructed.

My sister is working on it.


I’m proud of you for trying, that’s a noble cause to find and know this history :sunglasses:


So after about a year of working on this, I finally was able to get my father’s records! Thank you bunch of guys and gals for helping me out.