Help Me Choose a new AR


Decided to buy a new AR. Have narrowed it down to these rifles:

LWRCI IC-DI $1450 (rail is too short for me)
BCM Recce 18 spr $1550
Daniel Defence V7 Pro $1625
POF Renegade+ SPR $1750

Your input and reasons why are appreciated.


Have you considered building your own?


Yes…but next time.


None of those. Get this instead:

Upgraded Primary Weapons Systems MK118 Mod 2-M
Primary Weapons Systems Enhanced Buffer Tube Mod 2
Magpul 5-Slot Aluminum M-Lok Rail Section @ 6 & 9
Magpul M-Lok Rail Covers Type 1 & Type 2
Magpul M-Lok QD Sling Mount
Geissele Super Tricon Trigger
Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch
Lantac Dragon DGN556B 1/2-28 UNEF R/H Muzzle Brake
Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector AR-15 – Standard & Short Levers
Battle Arms Development Enhanced Pin Set AR-15
Vltor/BCM Gunfighter Ambidextrous Charging Handle
BCM Gunfighter Stock Mod-0 SOPMOD
BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 Pistol Grip
BCM Gunfighter KeyMod Rail Panels
BCM Gunfighter KeyMod QD Sling Mount
TangoDown SCAR P-Rail Panels 6”
TangoDown SCAR P-Rail Panels 2”
LaRue Tactical LT-FUG Forward Universal ‘Pillar’ Grip
Troy Industries Micro Set HK Front and Round Rear Tritium BLK Battle Sights w/ XS Sight Systems Troy CSAT Rear Aperture
Aimpoint Comp M4S w/ EOTech G33.STS 3x Magnifier
Bering Optics Argus D740 4X Gen3 Night Vision Scope
FLIR Optics Advanced Combat Thermosight T50
B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1+ IR Laser
Surefire M600 Ultra Z68 Weapon Light – American Defense Manufacturing M600 PKG Mount Combination w/ AD-TacLever Upgrade @ 9
Savvy Sniper Quad X Cobra Sling
2x ALG Defense Forged Sling Swivel
27x Lancer Systems L5AWM Translucent Smoke 30-Round Magazines w/ 5.56 Magpul loaded up w/ IMI/Federal/Prvi/Black Gun or any other quality brand 62gr M855 FMJ Ammo


If I’m going to get all that I might as well just buy a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range.


MLOK, Minimum of mid-length gas system, Would like to be able to shoot effectively out to 600yards, Want to get into 3 gun but also want a rifle that could be considered “battle worthy”, would like to keep it to a base weight of under 8 lbs without optic. Of course I would prefer a Geisslee trigger like on the DD I am not set on it, I particularly like the ambi controls on the POF and LWRCI and especially the bold lock ooen on right side. Want it in 5.56 or 223.Wylde, Free floating rail only. Leaning towards 18" because of the extra FPS and also longer rail lengths available for my long arms. All I can think of off the top of my head.


Checkout Sons of Liberty Gun Works too. I honestly didnt care for the BCM I had. As far as piston AR15s go I would get the LWRC, unlike most other piston AR15s it is being used by professionals and was 1 of 2 rifles that passed the Navy SEALS OTB test.



I love the 40 watt range!


My vote for your picks

  1. POF
  2. BCM
  3. LWRC
  4. DD


I have looked at SOLG and like what they offer but haven’t had hands on one. I also handled a Sionics last week and was under impressed.

LWRCI bolt really is impressive and I loved the gun overall…their MLOK rail is so short however…don’t know if it is a proprietary mounting system…but if I could put a 15" MLOK rail on the LWRC my LGS has I would be a happy camper.

Oh, and JF89, I’m looking at LWRCI DI gun, not their piston gun which would add another $1000


There are a lot of different flavors a ar 15 rifles out there. I try to stick to a battle hardened name for reliability sake. I do wholeheartedly believe in a chrome chamber/ bore on the barrel, 4150 steel, and I know I will catch hell for this but I like the 1/8 twist rate. Chrome plated bolt and carrier as well. I also recommended a buffer weight heavier than 3.0 oz on laymen’s terms make sure there is at least one tungsten weight in the buffer. And a mid- length gas tube. Gas port of .075 to .085 should work nice with the 18” length.


The LWRC DI is nicer then the BCM recce I had and has a better barrel but it does have a proprietary handgaurd if that matters. I got a FN tactical for that same price ($1200ish)and it comes with a CHF barrel ,AFG trigger, B5 sopmod stock,Hodge Defense handgaurd and the finish is very nice , about on par with DD and better then BCM. If you go the SOLGW route then get the upper and lower seperate and itll be right around $1000ish and on par with anything BCM puts out but again has a slightly nicer finish. SOLGW builds their rifles for hard use and has several contracts with police departments last I heard. There are some torture tests on youtube of their products too if you want to see one take a beating.

FN tactical
SOLGW(with soul snatcher rollmark )
LWRC DI(one of the best stock AR15 lowers ive ever seen)
DD (If you can find it under $1500)
BCM, LMT, or Colt 6960 (for a solid hard use rifle that might not have the best finish)


Of those four I’d pick the BCM and then POL. :cowboy_hat_face: I don’t like Daniel Defense as a company so I’ll abstain with recommending them.


Why dont you care for them? Did they say something stupid again?


Just what previously happened with that hortrible company statement unfriendly to our cause and then realizing it was bad PR and retracting it.

It’s a personal thing, I know they make good products but as a company I won’t support them. If the OP doesn’t care about that they’d be third on the list. :+1:


Depends on how you get it . I won my DD on a $100 raffle. So far it has shot with or better than what I see on ranges around here.


That was years ago, I wrote them off too due to that crap but I came around ,although they are getting overpriced.


I think the 1/8 twist is a good compromise for being able to stabilize the heavier bullets but still handling lighter weights as well. I don’t think the average shooter, including myself is going to shell out $$$ to always be shooting 77grain ammo every time.

BTW my choices were put in order of cost, lowest to heighest, not to imply that I liked one over another.


Very true. It get to be very expensive shooting 77gr even if you reload. Plus in a “bad situation” you are at the will of the ammo on the ground.


That’s fine! Buy what you want, that’s half the fun Brother!