Hercules Sharpshooter Powder and the 44-40

I picked up another box of Vintage Remington 44-40 cartridges to add to my Winchester collection. This “Wishbone” box dates back to between 1926 and 1929. I don’t know much about the Remington line of ammunition. These have the “non-corrosive” type primers so that could narrow the date to at least 1928 unless Remington used them before Winchester.

The Full Patch bullets measure .425" and weigh 197.7gr. Seating depth is .290" and the AOL is 1.588". The case length is 1.306". Typical “Oval” primer. Powder charge is 13.4gr of Hercules Sharpshooter, which suggest slightly slower than 1,250fps velocities according to Sharpe’s 1937 handloading manual. In his manual, Sharpe shows 14gr of Sharpshooter with a 200gr JSP achieved only 1,260fps.

Winchester advertised 1,300fps to 1,310fps and cartridges I dissected from that timeframe produced anywhere from 12gr to 16gr of Sharpshooter from different boxes and dates.

Sharpshooter data shows the following;

  • Revolver - 200gr Lead, 16.8gr, 905fps @ 15,000cup
  • Rifle - 200gr JSP, 14gr, 1,260fps
  • Rifle - 200gr Lead, 15gr, 1,350fps
  • Rifle - 200gr JSP, 17.3gr, 1,505fps @ 14,000cup
  • Rifle - 200gr Lead, 18gr, 1,580fps @ 15,200 cup
  • Rifle - 200gr JSP, 19.6gr, 1,680fps @ 20,000cup
  • Rifle - 200gr Lead, 20.0gr, 1,720fps @ 20,000cup

In the meantime, the Sharpshooter can label only shows data for the 44-40 High Velocity loads…no mention of lighter loads.!


Hercules Powder Co. boy that takes me back few decades. I used to ‘Shoot’ around a ton or more of 80% Nitro every day, 7 days a week if the choppers could fly. That’s as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. :wink:


Sharpshooter was 40% in 1898 but went down to 30%…I bet 80% rocked the world!!!


Oh baby! Good times. From Mexico to the Artic Ice Pack. Crazy stuff.