Heres a pretty dark topic to think on

We were discussing this in another forum. This video goes over how people are abrogating their gender to the state.


I think WWIII will happen long before we have totalitarianism here. The left would most definitely be okay with the examples given of England. But Canada isn’t too far off from the government having guns and the people do not.

Secondly, they talk about test tube babies. That’s already been done in China. Where a doctor or scientist altered the genetics of twins. I seriously am against this for multiple reasons but the worry of that video is the last of them.


We are already seeing it , its not a conspiracy theory its whats happening already. Its all part of a bigger picture to ultimately destroy whats left of western culture. By destroying our culture they destroy our very identity.

WW3? We are already in a civil war. States libelling the nation libelling states MSN ruining peoples lives on mere rumour racial and ethnic political parties openly espousing the empowering of their interest group, and even manipulating politics and the law based on this.

This is all civil war and balkanization appetizers.

Maybe we just share a different outlook on it but being in a blue state I see a lot of this unraveling.


Ive been reading too much into this stuff, I need a beer.


I’ve got more bookmarks on this stuff than I can read,

sometimes it helps to have a drink and look at the big picture,

watch long enough you’ll hear the chatter and see the changes, I’ll post a ss for comparison



Unsure what to make of that but I would be interested in any of those videos/reading material you have bookmarked on this stuff.


It’s illegal in the states for doctors or scientist to conduct germline gene therapy because the FDA hasn’t approved it. I think you’re referencing simple sex choice. In that scenario I don’t believe they alter anything. They just make sure the chromosomes match for desired sex.


I’ll toss a few but don’t get lost or take as an endorsement, more for entertainment and inoculation, crazy shit don’t shock you so much when you know its out there

grab a drink, Wild Turkey 101, and as soon as you feel dizzy click this button

and have another drink, there you go, a drinking game


I’m good to click at anytime haha


Nice, thank you.