Hey everyone


G’day, came across the website in a reference from another forum.

Based in Australia and a passionate long range shooter that is always happy to talk long range shooting and rifles and learn from other wiser and more experienced than myself.

Have been shooting for about 7yrs all up, all rifles. Love pistols as well when the opportunity arises to play with them.

Anyway, great to meet you all.
Cheers Aussie_LR


Most of our usual welcoming folks must be asleep. So I get the pleasure of being first to say welcome to the forum. This is the go to place with a lot of knowledgeable and fun gun guys and gals.

I (we) look forward to your contributions. I’m sure you’ll be asked a lot about the status of gun control down under.

So… Welcome.


Welcome to the Forum! Stick around. You’ll like it here.


@mquinn55 cheers

I know a few things myself and love anything with the Tikka brand on it. I shoot .260, .223 and soon to be .280AI.
That said we are always, in this persuit, learning and sharing our knowledge with others. One of the best parts about this hobby is I have met very few arseholes.

With Australia and gun control, it’s safest to assume you can’t have a gun until you establish a ‘genuine reason’. These typically cover; recreational hunting (in states it’s permitted on public land), vermin control (shooting on farming properties), target shooting sports, professional reasons (security and cash-in-transit, pest control and professional hunters). Firearms are classified according to action type by and large.
This means air rifles, break action shoties and rimfire bolt/break actions and Black powder are easiest and most accessible (Cat A), bolt action Centre Fire and pump rifles are next easiest (Cat B). Cat A and B are allowed for most applications and Will be approved for most of the ‘genuine reasons’. Pretty much the rest are Categorised as C and D (semi auto Rimfire and Centerfire and pump shotties) and usually the preserve of professionals.


Thanks mate. Keen to hear some stories and contribute some myself.


Good intro!!! I think everyone here is curious to a degree, or downright follows gun legislation down there. If you’re not careful you’ll be our go to expert for all laws Aussie. Hey, you don’t happen to have an Owen SMG parts kit laying around from WWII do you? Ah… a man can dream.

Anyway welcome again. You’ll find some great guys here that are way into long range shooting. The wealth of knowledge from our members is staggering! Glad you’re on board.


Welcome to the Full30 forum.


@jf89 thanks for the welcome look forward to being here.

@ThisOldGun Haha now that would be sweet! however weirder stuff comes up from time to time down here. Bren gun pieces have a way of surfacing and there are Aussie L1A1 (Australian FAL versions) available to licensed collectors of restricted weapons and again, professional shooters.

Before the 96’ buy-back everyone man and his dog had SKK and SKS rifles for pig and deer hunting. Kind of wish I was 15yrs older to have enjoyed the good ol days down here but I’m pretty happy with my couple of Bolt rifles. I’m probably officially categorised as aTikka snob and fanboy (my .223 and .260 are Tikkas). I also love Milsurps, I owned and loved a Finnish M39 until about 18mths ago and currently have a Swede M38 in my safe. I’m probably not a real Australian until I add an SMLE to my collection :thinking:


You’re going to fit right in here Sir. Never had the pleasure of shooting a Swede M38. Jealousy. Make sure you check out our military surplus and collectors section. You never know what might find it’s way out of a holster around here.


Welcome to the forum


congrats Mark :sunglasses:

& Welcome @Aussie_LR_shot


Welcome to the forum Brother! The 260 is an amazing cartridge. I really wish I had a firearm chambered in it.




Welcome to the forum. :kangaroo:


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome @Aussie_LR_shot
Great to have you here at Full 30!


G’day mate! Welcome to full30!



Welcome to the Full30 Forum.

Hope you have a lot of fun here.


Welcome from the other side of the globe

and if you have a chance go put a pin in the map


Welcome to the Forum! Glad you joined us here. I love seeing points of view from those in other countries.